Thursday, 21 March 2019

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PRK Rantau: Akar Umbi Pas Tak Undi Umno

PRK Rantau semakin hangat dibibir pembicara politik sama ada dari pembangkang atau kerajaan.

Sehari dua ni, heboh pula dibualkan, kononya akar umbi Pas tidak akan undi calon BN kerana kecewa dengan dasar pusing terbalik Pas terhadap Umno.

Beberapa hari lepas berita atas talian juga ada melaporkan hal yang hampir serupa.

"Sokongan akar umbi PAS dijangka beralih arah kepada undi protes dengan mereka tidak mengundi pemangku Presiden Umno, Mohamad Hasan pada pilihan raya kecil Rantau akan datang, kata Naib Ketua Pemuda PKR, Syed Badli Shah Syed Osman

Beliau berkata ini kerana akar umbi PAS kecewa dengan hubungan rapat pemimpin mereka dengan Umno, yang pernah menjadi musuh utama parti Islam itu"

Sebenarnya apa yang dinyatakan Syed Badli merupakan sebahagian propaganda yang dimengerti maksudnya.

1- Pakatan Harapan melalui lidah juru kempen memberi tahu kepada BN bahawa seluruh pengundi kaum India dan Cina menyokong calon dari parti kerajaan.

2-Pemimpin Pakatan Harapan juga jelas membayangkan sekiranya calon mereka memperolehi 27 pratus dari jumlah 54 peratus undi Melayu mereka boleh menang mudah.

Dengan mensasar penyokong Pas yang menolak kerjasama dengan Umno atas alasan berpegan kepada prinsip Nik Aziz merupakan kempen lemeh dan kehabisan modal.

Sebelum kerjasama dengan Umno, Pas pernah adakan kerjasama dengan DAP, kerjasama itu direstui Nik Aziz sehingga tergadai perjuangan untuk mendirikan negara Islam.

Orang Pas yang kononya berprinsip Nik Aziz sebenarnya masih belum merdeka jiwa.

Terkini berkaitan PRK Rantau , BN dilihat lebih popular berbanding PH, Orang muda sangat membenci PH setelah ditipu hidup-hidup pada PRU-14.

Masalah BN di Rantau adalah pengundi India yang masih memuja Anwar Ibrahim disamping kelemahan MIC yang rajin bercakap tak rajin buat kerja.

Monday, 18 March 2019

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Demi Kuasa Amanah (PAN) Tidak Perlu Hentam Umno PAS

Bayangan takut kepada UMNO PAS jelas dipertontonkan pemimpin parti dalam Pakatan Harapan (PH) sehingga setiap patah kenyataan yang dikeluarkan bukan seperti manusia berpendidikan.

Dikalangan rakyat khasnya penganut Islam sedang menonton perilaku pemimpin parti politik dalam kerajaan untuk dinilai kembali sama ada layak atau tidak untuk mereka memberi sokongan undi pada PRU-15.

Kenyataan dibuat adalah satu impak yang boleh merobek hayat jawatan atau kuasa yang ada pada setiap pemimpin kerajaan.
Hayat kerajaan yang diketuai Mahathir juga turut berkurangan kerana kenyataan yang dibuat ibarat virus barah.

Mungkin yang membuat kenyataan menjangkakan hayat kuasa yang ada padanya akan bertambah panjang, tetapi tidak ada laporan bahawa racun Raundap adalah penawar bagi penyakit itu.

Sepatutnya sebelum mengeluarkan kenyataan penyelidikan secara menyeluruh perlu dilakukan. Kerana hubungan UMNO PAS awalnya keruh sehingga kafir mengkafir, tuduh UMNO tolak Islam.

Rakyat mengerti, walaupun penyelidikan telah dilakukan secara menyeluruh keputusannya tidak memberi keuntungan kepada PH kerana melupakan yang keruh ambil yang jernih adalah akhlak Islam.

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New Zealanders pay tribute as terror attack victims’ families anxiously await return of dead

CHRISTCHURCH: A steady stream of mourners paid tribute Sunday at a makeshift memorial to the 50 people slain by a gunman at two mosques in Christchurch, while dozens of Muslims stood by to bury the dead when authorities finally release the victims' bodies.
Hundreds of flowers were piled up amid candles, balloons and notes of grief and love outside the Al-Noor mosque. As a light rain fell, people clutched each other and wept quietly.
"We wish we knew your name to write upon your heart. We wish we knew your favorite song, what makes you smile, what makes you cry," read one of the tributes, which contained cut-out paper hearts under a nearby tree. "We made a heart for you. 50 hearts for 50 lives."
Two days after Friday's attack, New Zealand's deadliest shooting in modern history, relatives were still waiting for authorities to release the bodies. Islamic law calls for bodies to be cleansed and buried as soon as possible after death.
Supporters arrived from across the country to help with the burials in Christchurch and authorities sent in backhoes to dig graves in a site that was newly fenced off and blocked from view with white netting.
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said authorities hoped to release all the bodies by Wednesday, and Police Commissioner Mike Bush said authorities were working with pathologists and coroners to complete the task as soon as they could.
"We have to be absolutely clear on the cause of death and confirm their identity before that can happen," Bush said. "But we are so aware of the cultural and religious needs. So we are doing that as quickly and as sensitively as possible."
Police said they had released a preliminary list of the victims to families, which has helped give closure to some who were waiting for any news.

The suspect in the shootings, 28-year-old white supremacist Brenton Harrison Tarrant, appeared in court Saturday amid strict security, shackled and wearing all-white prison garb, and showed no emotion when the judge read one murder charge and said more would likely follow.
Tarrant had posted a jumbled 74-page anti-immigrant manifesto online before the attacks and apparently used a helmet-mounted camera to broadcast live video of the slaughter.
Ardern said the gunman had sent the manifesto to her office email about nine minutes before the attacks, although she hadn't gotten the email directly herself. She said her office was one of about 30 recipients and had forwarded the email to parliamentary security within a couple of minutes of receiving it.
Bush said at a news conference that another body had been found at Al-Noor mosque as they finished removing the victims, bringing the number of people killed there to 42. Another seven people were killed at Linwood mosque and one more person died later at Christchurch Hospital.
Thirty-four wounded remained at the hospital, where officials said 12 were in critical condition. A 4-year-old girl at a children's hospital in Auckland was also listed as critical.
Dozens of Muslim supporters gathered at a center set up for victims, families and friends across the road from the hospital, where many had flown in from around New Zealand to offer support. About two dozen men received instructions on their duties Sunday, which included Muslim burial customs.
Abdul Hakim, 56, of Auckland, was among many who had flown in to help.
"As soon as people die, we must bury them as soon as possible," Hakim said. "We are all here to help them in washing the body, putting them in the grave."
Javed Dadabhai, who flew from Auckland after learning about the death of his 35-year-old cousin, Junaid Mortara, said the Muslim community was being patient.
"The family understands that it's a crime scene. It's going to be a criminal charge against the guy who's done this, so they need to be pretty thorough," he said.
Still, it was hard, he said, because the grieving process wouldn't really begin until he could bury his cousin.
People across the country were still trying to come to terms with the massacre that Ardern described as "one of New Zealand's darkest days."
At the Vatican, Pope Francis offered prayers for "our Muslim brothers" killed in the attack. At his traditional Sunday prayer, Francis renewed "an invitation to unite in prayer and gestures of peace to oppose hatred and violence."
The gunman livestreamed 17 minutes of the rampage at the Al Noor mosque, where he sprayed worshippers with bullets. Facebook, Twitter and Google scrambled to take down the video, which was widely available on social media for hours after the bloodbath.
The second attack took place at the Linwood mosque about 5 kilometers (3 miles) away.
Ardern has said Tarrant was a licensed gun owner who legally bought the five guns he used.
At a news conference, the prime minister reiterated her promise that there will be changes to the country's gun laws. She said her Cabinet will discuss the policy details Monday.

Arden used some of her strongest language yet about gun control, saying that laws need to change and "they will change."
Neighboring Australia has virtually banned semi-automatic rifles from private ownership since a lone gunman killed 35 people with assault rifles in 1996.
Before Friday's attack, New Zealand's deadliest shooting in modern history took place in 1990 in the small town of Aramoana, where a gunman killed 13 people following a dispute with a neighbor.

-Arab News
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Iraq begins exhuming mass Yazidi grave left by Daesh

ERBIL: The Iraqi government has started exhuming a mass grave left behind by Daesh in the northwestern Sinjar region in the presence of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nadia Murad, whose slain relatives are believed to have been buried in the area.
The exhumation, which is being carried out with UN support, began Friday in the village of Kocho. Murad’s official website said it marks the first exhumation of a mass grave containing the remains of Yazidis, a religious minority targeted for extermination by the extremists.
Daesh militants rampaged across Sinjar in 2014, killing Yazidi men and abducting thousands of women and children. Many followers of the minority faith are still missing, after women were forced into sexual slavery and boys were indoctrinated in extremist ideology.
“I pay my condolence to the Yazidis and the whole humanity. There is not a single Yazidi family that didn’t taste the bitterness of this extermination,” said Murad. “They all lost their loved ones, their properties and their dreams, and especially in this village,” she said.
Murad was one of an estimated 3,000 Yazidi women and girls who were kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery. She was raped, beaten and tortured before she managed to escape after three months in captivity.
Over 70 mass graves have been discovered in Sinjar since it was liberated from Daesh in November 2015.
In November, UN investigators said they have verified the location of more than 200 mass grave sites from the time of Daesh rule in northern Iraq, containing the bodies of between 6,000 and 12,000 victims.
Nada Selo, an activist from Kocho, lamented the slow pace of efforts to identify and recover victims.
“Negligence has been going on for four years and until now. The people were hoping during all this time to see their relatives alive. So honestly, this is a huge disappointment for us as Yazidis, and it is a real tragedy,” she said.
A statement issued earlier this week by Murad, global Yazidi NGO Yazda and their joint legal counsel Amal Clooney welcomed the process in Kocho. They expressed hope it would be part of a “comprehensive effort which will result in the exhumation of all Daesh mass graves in Sinjar and beyond, the return of victims’ remains to their families and the investigation of the relevant crimes, leading to the prosecution of the responsible Daesh militants.”
Daesh is on the verge of losing the last area it controls in Syria as US-backed fighters squeeze the extremists in the village of Baghouz near the Iraqi border. Over the past months a number of Yazidi women and children have been freed in eastern Syria.
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Ketua Penolong Pengarah Ditahan SPRM

ALOR SETAR: Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) Kedah menahan empat individu termasuk seorang ketua penolong pengarah sebuah jabatan kerajaan, hari ini.

Mereka disyaki terbabit dalam tuntutan palsu berhubung pembekalan dan perkhidmatan untuk Kementerian Pelancongan berjumlah RM1.2 juta, antara 2014 hingga 2016.

Sumber SPRM berkata, keempat-empat individu terbabit termasuk ketua penolong pengarah berkenaan yang juga seorang wanita ditahan antara jam 5 hingga 5.30 petang tadi di rumah masing-masing di sekitar Alor Setar.

“Ketua penolong pengarah sebuah jabatan kerajaan itu berusia 41 tahun manakala tiga lelaki yang juga kontraktor itu pula berusia antara 34 hingga 43 tahun.

“Semua individu terbabit ditahan selepas disyaki membuat tuntutan palsu berhubung pembekalan dan perkhidmatan untuk Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia berjumlah RM1.2 juta yang membabitkan program pelancongan di Pulau Langkawi, ” katanya dalam kenyataan, di sini, hari ini,

Pada masa sama, katanya, pembayaran untuk kerja pembekalan dan perkhidmatan itu dibuat antara tahun 2014 hingga 2016, namun ia disyaki tidak dilaksanakan.

“Semua tertuduh kini ditahan di lokap Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Kota Setar danIPD Kubang Pasu dengan permohonan reman terhadap mereka akan dibuat esok,” katanya.

Sementara itu, Pengarah SPRM Kedah, Datuk Shaharom Nizam Abd Manap mengesahkan tangkapan dan kes disiasat mengikut Seksyen 18 Akta SPRM 2009.

-Berita Harian

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Gempa Bumi Lombok Malaysia Sedia Membantu Indonesia

Malaysia sedia membantu mangsa gempa bumi Indonesia hasrat ini dizahirkan oleh Timbalan Perdana Menteri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail seperti dilaporkan berita atas talian.

“Dukacita mendengar khabar berita kejadian tanah runtuh (akibat gempa bumi) di Lombok yang turut mengorbankan rakyat Malaysia. Semoga semua pihak yang terkesan dengan kejadian ini terus sabar dan tabah.

“Kerajaan Malaysia melalui NADMA bersedia untuk membantu Indonesia,” katanya menerusi status di akaun Twitter rasminya malam ini.

Disamping simpati kepada Indonesia diatas kejadian tanah runtuh akibat dari gempa bumi di Lombok Dr Wan Azizah juga perlu melihat dan memberi keutamaan insiden di Pasiir Gudang Johor.