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Smoke guided Saudi rescuer to crashed jet in Najran

NAJRAN: The command of the Arab Coalition Forces supporting legitimacy in Yemen said in a statement Friday that a Jordanian F-16 fighter jet taking part in operations in Yemen crashed due to a technical glitch in Najran and the pilot survived with no injuries.
The pilot was identified as 1st Lt. Adnan Naim Abdulaziz Nabbas.
Saudi citizen Saleh Al-Yami rescued the Jordanian pilot when he saw the jet falling in a desert area about 60 km from the Khabash governorate in Najran.
“While I was grazing my livestock as usual, I watched a military aircraft falling on the ground with smoke ascending from it.” Al-Yami said. “I realized that it had something wrong, and then I saw a strange body jump out of the crashed jet. I traced the place of that strange body until I found it.”
Al-Yami added: “It appeared clear to me that he is the pilot and he was in a good healthy condition. I and a fellow of mine immediately informed the security authorities, which coordinated with us to receive the pilot.”
Al-Yami said that he and his friend stayed beside the wreckage of the warplane in order to prevent access to the site of the crash until the authorities arrived and took charge.
Al-Yami’s actions earned the thanks of the Jordanian Armed Forces to Saudi Arabia.
Nabbas arrived at Marka Military Airport in Amman Saturday morning aboard a Saudi military aircraft after surviving.
At the airport, the Saudi military attaché in Amman, officials from the Saudi Embassy and Jordanian senior military officials welcomed the pilot.

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