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    People-smugglers kill 22 African migrants....

    The Libyan Red Crescent said the killings took place over the weekend.
    The Geneva-based International Organization for Migration (IOM) confirmed the deaths and said: 'There seems to have been an exchange of fire between the smugglers, which resulted in the death of 22 migrants.'

    Many migrants in Libya realise how hazardous the crossing to Europe is but the traffickers will not refund the fees they pay for the journey

    Six years since a revolution and NATO intervention that toppled the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has become a key departure point for clandestine migration to Europe.
    Smugglers organise frequent crossings from western Libya to the Italian island of Lampedusa, a 190-mile trip.

    The IOM said 521 immigrants died in the Mediterranean between January 1 and March 5 this year.
    European Union leaders will tomorrow discuss their plan to cut the tide of migrants from Libya to Italy but there are fears the calmer spring weather will bring a new surge of arrivals from Africa.
    Arrival numbers from lawless Libya are already higher than last year - 13,500 people made the perilous voyage in January and February, compared with 9,000 in 2016.Daily Mail Online

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