5 Sudanese soldiers killed in Yemen - Media Shah Alam

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5 Sudanese soldiers killed in Yemen

5 Sudanese soldiers killed in Yemen

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KHARTOUM: The Sudanese Army said on Tuesday that five of its troops have been killed while fighting for the Saudi-led Arab coalition against Houthi rebels in Yemen.
Khartoum joined the coalition in 2015 after breaking decades-old ties with Tehran.
“We have lost five martyrs including an officer, and 22 others have been wounded,” army spokesman Brig. Ahmed Khalifa Al-Shami said in a statement.
He said Sudanese forces had completed on Tuesday their “first stage of duty” in Yemen and were now preparing to launch the second stage.
“Our troops in Yemen have captured all the areas targeted in the first stage, inflicted big losses on the enemy and are holding many prisoners of war,” Khalifa said.
Separately, Yemeni security and military officials said forces loyal to Yemen’s internationally recognized president have launched an attack on the Houthis around the southeastern port city of Al-Mokha, unleashing heavy fighting that has killed some 38 fighters from both sides.
They said Wednesday that the fighting began a day earlier and was supported by the Saudi-led coalition.
The military officials say troops loyal to President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi aim to take the area’s key port at Al-Hodeida.

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