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    Cops hunt cabbie who yelled 'Get out!' to passengers

    The cabbie, identified by the Land Transport Department as
    Phussdee Anchanpat, is wanted by the agency which has fined her
     for rude behaviour. (Photo from Yaowalak Chusri Facebook account) 
    Police are on the hunt for a taxi driver in Bangkok who forced passengers to get out of her pink Toyota before they reached their destination.

    Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) chief Sanit Mahathavorn on Friday ordered police to expedite their efforts to track down Phussadee Anchanpat to prevent her from further inconveniencing the public.

    Pol Lt Gen Sanit said a probe found Ms Phussadee is also the subject of an arrest warrant on theft charges issued in February 2015 in the Thong Lor area.

    The MPB has contacted the Department of Land Transport (DLT) so she can be placed in custody if she reports herself to the department, he added.

    The move comes after a Facebook clip posted by Yaowalak Chusri on Tuesday showed the driver engaged in a heated argument with one of her passengers. Another woman and a boy can be heard crying in the back seat.

    After the emotional exchange, the driver finally pulled over and said: "Get out of my car. Get out, right now!" She then sped off.

    The DLT found that the taxi was operated by Sahamit Taxi Cooperative and the driver was Ms Phussadee.

    A background check showed that her public driving licence expired on Dec 29, 2015.

    All taxi firms have been instructed not to allow her to rent a car. The department also fined Sahamit Taxi Co 5,000 baht for failing to properly vet its drivers.

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